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If you have teeth that are less than perfect you may be self-conscious and unwilling to smile, especially when meeting people for the first time or when having your photo taken. Broken, misaligned or discoloured teeth can really affect your confidence which can have a knock on effect upon career prospects or relationships. But there’s no reason to suffer in silence because here at Dentist@330 we have a wide range of affordable treatments that will bring the smile back to your face.

Cosmetic dentistry has little to do with oral health; it is the art of correcting your appearance and giving you teeth that you no longer feel ashamed of. Whether you’ve had an accident and have broken some teeth, you’ve neglected them to a point where they’re chipped or decaying, or they’re discoloured through years of drinking coffee or red wine, we’re here for you.

Let’s take a look at our cosmetic dentistry options we can offer and how you can achieve that gleaming smile you’ve always dreamed of.


If you’re suffering from chipped, broken or gappy teeth veneers could be right for you. These thin porcelain or resin composite shells cover up damaged teeth or fill in the gaps if you have uneven spacing. They are also great for perfecting the size and shape of your teeth as well as naturally correcting discolouring. Veneers are an easy and pain free option; they attach to your teeth with special cement and are set firmly in place by the use of specialist lighting. Once affixed you will be left with a natural looking smile you can be proud of.

Ceramic Crowns

Missing one or more teeth? Have badly chipped, decaying or stained teeth? A ceramic crown will help restore your smile so that it’s as good as new. Ceramic crowns are tooth shaped coverings that fit over your existing tooth or, in the case of missing teeth, are attached to implant posts. They are made from porcelain which gives them a thoroughly natural looking appearance. Ceramic crowns are becoming an increasingly popular method of cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne as people seek an alternative to unsightly metal crowns.


If you’re unfortunate enough to be missing a number of teeth due to an accident or you have very badly decayed teeth your confidence may have taken a real battering. That’s where bridges can help replace missing or rotten teeth. A bridge is a semi denture and is held permanently in place by implant posts or adjacent teeth. Many cosmetic dentists in Melbourne use porcelain over metal although at Dentist@330, where possible we use the preferred pure porcelain which looks almost identical to your existing teeth.


Dental implants are the most popular option if you are missing one or more teeth or need them replaced due to decay or an accident. Implants are screws which are made from a special titanium and inserted into the jawbone creating a strong, lasting base for a porcelain crown. Implants will do wonders for improving both your appearance and your confidence.


If you’re conscious of your chipped, decayed, small, or discoloured teeth bonding could be your way forward. Bonding will repair damaged teeth, change the size or shape of a tooth and cover discolouration. A hard plastic material is used to coat your tooth which is then molded to your desired shape and size. Specialist lighting is used to harden the bonding material- and you are left with a smile you’ve always wanted.

Bleaching or Whitening

Ashamed of your stained or yellow teeth? Bleaching or whitening them will ensure that you’re more Hollywood instead of a horror show! If your teeth are stained due to smoking, drinking or eating highly coloured food, bleaching them will lift the colour of your teeth to a brighter, whiter shade. Whitening meanwhile restores stained or yellow teeth to their natural colour.

Have you finally reached the point where it’s time to do something about your smile? Good cosmetic dentists in Melbourne and the team at Dentist@330 can help determine which of the above processes is right for you.