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Children’s Dentistry

When it comes to caring for your children’s teeth, it is imperative to start paying attention from an early age. Children’s teeth need to be treated both gently and carefully. The primary teeth or baby teeth allow a child to communicate verbally and start to chew; and concurrently makes way for secondary teeth.

At Dentist@330 we meet a lot of young children and we thrive on taking on a preventative approach ensuring that as they grow their dental needs are minimal.
We highly recommend visiting a dentist from an early age for a routine check-up as this helps to remove the fear factor that then establishes a set routine they can follow their whole lives. The initial visit is short and for good reason as your child can get to know the dentist and also familiarise themselves with the clinic so they feel welcomed and relaxed for future visits.

The First Visit Process

When your child visits Dentist@330 for the first time, our general process will involve:

– examining your child’s teeth for any decay
– study your child’s ‘bite’ and how their teeth fit together
– carry out a cavity risk assessment
– undertake a review of your child’s gums for any potential soft tissue or disease.
– assist with any queries or concerns you may have.

children's dentistry mount waverley

We understand that children might be fearful during their first visit, which is why we allow more time over any treatment. If your child experiences any discomfort or needs a timeout, we’ll pause and our team will offer encouragement to ensure they overcome their fears.

Call one of our friendly staff if you would simply like to introduce your child to our practice at one of your own appointments and we can accommodate some time to let them ‘ride the dental chair’. This is a great way to build a healthy relationship between your child and the dentist in Mount Waverley.

We also accept children on Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)